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The Pharmacy Supervision Practice Group consisting of members from AIMp, APTUK, CCA, NPA, PDA, PFNI and RPS held its fourth workshop to continue discussions on the future modelling of pharmacy practice.

The ideas around ‘supervision’ shared by the organisation earlier formed the basis of the discussion during the workshop and helped to expand understanding of where there was consensus and disagreement.

Examples of ideas explored during the workshop include: the extent to which a pharmacist should supervise the medicines assembly process, the purpose and extent to which a pharmacist might be absent from the pharmacy and how this might affect patient safety as well as the nature of whether fixed rules versus a broad framework were preferable for future practice.

Chair of the group, Dr Michael Twigg, Associate Professor of Primary Care Pharmacy, University of East Anglia, said “Once again the sector bodies have come together in a collaborative and positive manner to explore the concept of ‘supervision’ in the context of current and future community pharmacy practice. This session provided an opportunity to constructively challenge assumptions and viewpoints within the group with the aim of moving the discussion forward.”

As part of the session, the DHSC, GPhC and PSNI gave an overview of the difference between legislation, regulation and guidance which was helpful to inform the group’s thinking. Each of the organisations have been asked to use the conversation to refine the ideas presented in advance of the next workshop.

The group will meet again on 4th May 2023. The aim of the group is to produce recommendations to the DHSC and regulators to inform a broader consultation across the wider profession and sector in due course.

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