Shared Care Records

In its response to the Health and Social Care Committee inquiry into ‘Digital Transformation in the NHS’, the Community Pharmacy IT Group (CP ITG) has highlighted issues concerning the NHS community pharmacy.

CP ITG, of which PSNC is a member, has urged that pharmacy teams should have access to up-to-date records information, e.g. from Shared Care Records, GP Connect and Summary Care Records with Additional Information.

It has also stated that the Booking and Referral Standards (BaRS) should be extended so that future referrals into and from pharmacy can be communicated seamlessly.

In its written response, CP ITG said: “Ensure that BaRS is expanded and aligns with other referral IT standards such as GP Connect referrals. Ensure it is used across community pharmacy, the GP sector, other health care sectors and across the NHS, and by all health IT suppliers, so that messages and referrals can flow smoothly within and across sectors and patients can have a seamless experience and safe care.”

The group has asked the Health and Social Care Committee to create a framework for the development of pharmacy IT to ensure IT suppliers are better equipped to support pharmacy teams and their delivery of services.

The Community Pharmacy Data Standard should be expanded to enable services information to be efficiently recorded; IT standards are needed so that suppliers can enable automatic reporting to the NHS Business Services Authority; and the EPS Next Generation project should be further developed, said CP ITG.

The inquiry is exploring the current use of digital technology within the NHS and is examining changes that could result in improved service delivery and patient outcomes. The changes proposed include digitising health and care records, and enabling records access across primary, secondary and social care. The inquiry is also considering legacy IT systems used within the NHS.

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