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Pope Francis has praised pharmacists for their fight against the coronavirus epidemic.

Vatican News reported the pope as saying that “he had been taken to task” for forgetting to thank one group of people, the pharmacists.

“I thanked doctors, nurses, volunteers. ‘But you have forgotten the pharmacists’. They too have been working hard to help the sick get better. Let us pray for them as well,” the pontiff said during a live broadcast of his early morning mass on Thursday (16).

The pope started his daily mass with a prayer for the people who are suffering and for those who are helping to alleviate the suffering of those affected by COVID-19 and mentioned doctors, nurses and volunteers.

He said he was “scolded” because he “forgot about pharmacists.”

It is unclear when this had happened or who reminded him of it.

Later a tweet also appeared on his Twitter handle @Pontifex, restating the same.


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