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The healthcare professionals including community pharmacists can now order more Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) over the Christmas period.

The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have announced a 25 per cent increase in order limits for PPE over the Christmas season. They will be lowered again in early January.

The latest announcement confirmed that the PPE Portal will be operational over Christmas. However, the delivery partners including Royal Mail and Pallet Carrier will not be delivering on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

“Orders made during the Christmas period should still be delivered within five days and to make allowance for any potential disruptions or increased need, DHSC have increased order limits by 25 per cent for all providers, as of December 8, and until at least January 4,” the PSNC has said.

NHS Business Services Authority said the increase was designed “to make allowance for any potential disruptions or increased need” over the festive period.

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