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The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has updated its template questionnaire to support the local development of pharmaceutical needs assessments (PNAs).

“After being delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic response, PNAs are now up for renewal with updates due to be published by October 2022. HWBs will need to consider the current service provision and consult local stakeholders as part of the process,” the pharmacy negotiator said in an update for community pharmacies.

PNAs are developed by Health and Wellbeing Boards (HWBs) to manage pharmaceutical services – including market entry and local commissioning – in their localities.

PSNC produces a PNA template questionnaire as a tool for LPCs to support this process by gathering information on the services offered by their contractors.

The use of this template pharmacy questionnaire is not mandatory but may prove to be a useful resource to inform any PNA development discussions with HWBs.

The template is in line with the regulations and previous guidance issued by NHS Employers, covering all the questions relevant to development of the PNA.

“Whilst this information should be known to the Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), LPCs may wish to issue the questionnaire as a useful way to check that the data is as accurate as possible. The questionnaire can also be used to determine future willingness to provide services,” the PSNC said.

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