Patient data
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The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) has urged the pharmacy team members and Local Pharmaceutical Committee (LPCs) to complete the NHSX Data Strategy Survey and share their views about the use of health data and community pharmacy access to electronic health records.

The survey will close on Friday 20th August and takes around five minutes to complete, it said.

PSNC has already shared its views with the NHSX that:

  • Shared Care Record (ShCR) protocols, sign-up processes and technical standards should be standardised;
  • Information Governance protocols should not be excessive for pharmacy staff accessing ShCR or Summary Care Record (SCR) systems;
  • Integrated Care Systems (ICS) developing the ShCR systems in their area should engage with LPCs and pharmacy contractors about pharmacy access to ShCRs; and
  • Pharmacy professionals should have:
  • read and write access of the ShCR systems within their area; and
  • access to SCR with Additional Information after the pandemic.

The publication of the survey follows the Department of Health and Social Care’s draft policy paper about improving the use of health data: Data saves lives: reshaping health and social care with data.

The policy paper, published on July 28, envisages the use of data to improve patient care and save lives.

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