Her Majesty the Queen’s pharmacists John Bell & Croyden have started their Covid-19 vaccination programme last weekend (Jan 30).

The flagship store in London’s Harley Street Medical Area is the first McKesson UK community pharmacy to participate in the vaccine rollout.

Commenting on the vaccination drive, Toby Anderson, CEO of McKesson UK, said: “McKesson UK is proud to be playing its part in the national vaccination effort. John Bell & Croyden has played a historic role in the development of healthcare across the UK and this will be the second global pandemic it has lived through. Today marks another remarkable milestone for the pharmacy.

“Community pharmacy, with a presence in every corner of the UK, is vital in the rollout of the vaccine. With over 1,400 Lloyds Pharmacies and trained staff across the country, we are in ongoing discussions with the NHS and Government about what more we can do to help over the coming months.”

Robin Winfield, operations director of John Bell & Croyden, said: “We are delighted to be able to play our part in supporting the Government’s nationwide Covid-19 vaccination programme.

“Pharmacists have always been the most accessible healthcare provider and at a time of stretched resources have shown we can help to maximise the efficiency of our healthcare system, be it through testing, increasing access to medicine, or vaccination.

“The pandemic may have put our skills to the test – but it has also allowed pharmacists to show their true potential and allowed customers to find the real value of the pharmacist.”

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