Rectangle and what are the features

A rectangle is a form of a quadrilateral. It is also known as a quadrangular triangle where all the angles would be equal. Numerous types of rectangular objects are all around us. Each and every rectangular object is characterized by a couple of features which is the breadth and the length. The longer side is known as the length and the shorter side of a rectangle is the width. Let us try to understand about rectangle and the various properties.

The properties of a rectangle

Normally a rectangle is a closed figure having a couple of opposite sides. Even the angle formed by the adjacent sides is 90 degrees. A rectangle would be having adjacent sides would be 90 degrees. Let us understand the various properties of a rectangle

  • A rectangle is a quadrilateral
  • The length of the diagonals are equal
  • The interior angle of a rectangle at each vertex is 90 degrees.
  • Coming to the opposite side of a rectangle it would be equal and parallel to each other.
  • The sum of all the interior angles is 360 degrees
  • The length of the diagonals is obtained by the Pythagoras theorem
  • The sides of a rectangle are parallel it is also referred to as parallelogram
  • If a couple of diagonals bisect each other, at 90 degree it would be forming a square
  • All rectangles are parallelograms but all of them are not rectangles

The perimeter of a rectangle

When it is the perimeter of a rectangle would be length of the outer boundary of the rectangle. It would be taken as the sum of the total measure relating to the breadth and length of a triangle. A perimeter of a rectangle helps us to calculate lengths and distance in our daily day to day basis. An example is if you are planning to decorate the border of your rectangle book, it is possible to calculate the amount of ribbon you may require. It is figured out by the perimeter or if you are planning to put a fence around your garden. The perimeter of the garden would provide you with an exact wire dimensions to fence it.

The area of a rectangle

The area of rectangle is the number of  square units that would fit into a  rectangle. The common examples of rectangles are painting canvas, blackboards etc.  Coming to the area of a rectangle it is measured in square units. An unit of a rectangle is in inches the area is above and measured when it comes to inches. A hypotenuse is the diagonal.

Rectangle and its types

A two dimensional geometry where four sides are opposite as the equal and adjacent sides meet at 90 degrees. The length of a diagonals is arrived at by calculating the length and the breadth. There are a couple of types of rectangles

  • Square- a two dimensional figure, where all the four sides along with four angles may be equal. It is a form of a rectangle where all the four sides turn out to be equal. An interior angle has a vertex at 90 degrees which would satisfy the dimension of a rectangle.
  • Golden triangle- it is a type of rectangle where the length to breath ratio would be similar to a golden ratio. It is derived in the form of a golden ration= 1.1.68.

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