The Pharmacy Academy has launched a free video CPD module which outlines the latest NICE guidance on how to take an accurate temperature reading of a young child.

Presented by Grace Thomas, MSc, PGCE, Independent Prescriber, DipM, RM, RGN, this CPD module will help you to better understand the national guidance on which thermometers are suitable for measuring body temperature in infants and young children

Core body temperature (CBT) is the temperature within the deep tissues of the body. The temperature of the blood bathing the hypothalamus is particularly indicative. Direct measurement of CBT requires surgical insertion of a probe (e.g. via a pulmonary artery or bladder catheter), however, more convenient indirect methods are available to help assess CBT.

It is important to understand that there is a variable temperature gradient between the hypothalamus and the various anatomical sites where temperature can be measured, and that readings taken from different parts of the body will not be the same.

Understanding the latest NICE guidance 

This video CPD module will provide you with the latest NICE guidance on: 

    • Which temperatures should be used to indicate a fever depending on age of child
    • The type of thermometer to use to gain an accurate reading
    • The choice of body site to gain an accurate reading in young children

Take this free CPD module today and use it towards your revalidation with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).


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