Hancock has been urged to ensure the brand of lithium being prescribed for the patients with bipolar disorder remains available for the treatment and avert a huge rise in price the NHS pays for the drug (REUTERS/John Sibley/File Photo)

The rise in Covid-19 infections in the UK is “concerning”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said today, but he added that the government was still in control of the pandemic.

The daily number of cases of Covid-19 jumped on Sunday to 2,988, the highest daily rise since May.

“The rise in the number of cases we’ve seen in the last few days is largely among younger people,” Hancock told LBC Radio on Monday (September 7).

Asked if the government had lost control, he said: “No, but the whole country needs to follow the social distancing because we can only do this as a whole society.”

He added that the rise was prevalent amongst younger people from more affluent backgrounds.

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