Rosemont are the experts in developing effective solutions for patient groups with swallowing issues; we have over 50 years’ dedicated experience in this specialty.

Rosemont are now proud to announce the launch of our latest innovation for these vulnerable patients, the first licensed liquid omeprazole.

Rosemont Omeprazole Powder for Oral Suspension will be available in 2mg/ml and 4mg/ml strengths.

Omeprazole in a liquid format has long been an unsatisfied need in patients with swallowing issues, previously having only been available as an unlicensed special.

Licensed tablets and capsules can also present problems for patients with swallowing difficulties, patients with PEG/NG tubes and infants requiring treatment for gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD).

Rosemont Omeprazole Powder for Oral Suspension is the result of extensive research and development; it is a major advance in formulation, overcoming some of the obstacles of the previously available options.

Omeprazole Powder for Oral Suspension has been developed in an innovative and patented format that makes constitution easy. It avoids the limitations of enteric coated pellets and has a pre-constitution shelf life of 2 years.

The product negates the need to crush tablets, open capsules or order specials. To meet the needs of all patient groups, it is available in both 2mg/ml and 4mg/ml strengths and is licensed for use with PEG/NG tubes.

This development is also significant in meeting the special needs of infants with GORD. It is the only PPI formulation licensed for babies from 1 month and the only liquid PPI with mg/kg dosing, allowing for dose titration below 10mg.

Through extensive testing we have also proven the 2mg/ml product to be effective in short, narrow bore NG tubes with only a 2ml flush volume, important where fluid intake may be an issue. All excipients have been carefully selected, the product contains no ethanol, sugar or propylene glycol. Our 2mg strength also includes a natural vanilla flavour to improve palatability for infants.

Howard Taylor, General Manager Rosemont Pharmaceuticals, commenting on the product launch said: ‘I am delighted that following extensive research and development, Rosemont are able to bring to market this much requested, innovative product which fulfils a previously unmet need for both patients and healthcare professionals.’

Rosemont, making a happy difference to professionals and patients.

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