As part of its Inclusion and Diversity workstream, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society has created a ‘disability microaggression reference’ with volunteers from the Action in Belonging Culture and Diversity (ABCD) group.

Disability related microaggressions are a form of discrimination and ableism, the RPS said.

The reference, which includes examples of verbal microaggressions and behaviours to look out for, creates awareness about disability in the pharmacy profession, and challenges the stigma surrounding it.

Volunteers from the ABCD group include Margaret Stone, Alison Astles, Adam Ahmir, Aamer Safdar, Minna Eii, Charlotte Bell, Osayuki Igbinoba and Samael Goode; all of whom have helped to formulate the reference from their personal experiences of living with a disability or being a carer for someone with a disability.

Charlotte Bell said: “As a pharmacist who has experienced discrimination due to my neurodivergence, this document and the work around it will help our profession to strive to be better.

“We need to improve behaviours and working conditions for everyone working in pharmacy and also to understand the impact of disabilities on our patients.”

Osayuki Igbinoba said: “The disability microaggression document is important because it challenges the stigma surrounding disability and raises awareness about disability. Disability is overlooked in the pharmacy profession and this needs to change.”

The ABCD group volunteers will add new sections to the resource throughout the year, highlighting microaggressions based on age, gender and sexual orientation.

If you want to share your stories and/or experiences with us, please send an email to [email protected]