Royal Pharmaceutical Society
FILE: Exterior of Royal Pharmaceutical Society building in London

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has appointed communications agency to lead a review into how it can develop and strengthen member participation.

“We’ve appointed communications consultancy Luther Pendragon to carry out an independent review of the participation of members and of our communications concerning decisions we take on behalf of the profession through our Governance boards,” the Society said in a statement on Tuesday (May 10).

It added that review would examine how RPS members, elected members and stakeholders can feel engaged, informed and empowered to influence decisions about RPS policy and understand why decisions around organizational policy have been taken on their behalf by elected representatives.

It will also ensure RPS decision-making processes are open and transparent with an emphasis on evidence-based decision making, and recommend ways elected members are enabled to be publicly accountable for decisions taken by the organization at Board and Assembly level.

Luther Pendragon will conduct in-depth reviews — seeking views of members and elected members as well as individuals and organizations outside the profession, about how participation can be developed and strengthened.

The agency will use a combination of focus groups, online surveys and one-to-one interviews to build a detailed understanding of views, on which to base a series of recommendations for the RPS.

Luther will then develop a corporate communications strategy which will include action plans for each of the RPS’s target audiences in order to enable greater participation.

RPS committed to making changes

RPS president Professor Claire Anderson said: “Now we have appointed Luther Pendragon and have a robust review process in place we can build a new approach to participation and communications with our members, elected members and stakeholders.

“I look forward to hearing your views and building them into the independent review, which we will publish when it is complete. I am committed to making changes based on its recommendations.”

Part of the Crown Commercial Service, Luther Pendragon has worked with various pharmacy organizations, NHS England, and the Department of Health & Social Care.

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