Exterior of Royal Pharmaceutical Society building in London

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society has been inviting community pharmacy teams across the country to join in as it marks its 180th anniversary on Thursday, May 20.

The Society came into existence in 1841 to champion the profession. Its museum, created a year later to educate pharmacy students, has been at the heart of the celebrations and contains many historical collections which cover all aspects of British pharmacy history from the 1400s to the present day.

It has also initiated a project to put 2,000 items from museum online so they become accessible to those interested in viewing them.

RPS chief executive Paul Bennett said: “Pharmacy’s past is peppered with inspiring pioneers who helped create the profession we know today. I’m delighted we’ve been able to highlight the achievements of the men and women on whose shoulders we stand, and to share more of our amazing Museum collection.

“I’m proud too that we are a forward-looking, science-based profession with a bright future. Soon we’ll be putting our new 5-year plan for RPS into action and launching our inclusion and wellbeing pledge for the profession, to help create positive wellbeing in the workplace and a greater sense of belonging.”

The Society also plans to have quick quizzes for its members about pharmacy history and familiar household objects invented by pharmacists.

“There will also be a very special guest for the celebrations,” the RPS added in a press note on Tuesday (May 18).

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