Professor Claire Anderson

RPS (Royal Pharmaceutical Society), in partnership with the charity Pharmacist Support, has launched third annual ‘Workforce Wellbeing’ survey to promote mental health and wellbeing of pharmacists.

The survey, open to all pharmacists including students, is focussed on exploring the prevention of poor mental health and wellbeing at work.

Claire Anderson, RPS President, said the survey is crucial to understand the health and wellbeing challenges faced by everyone in the sector.

He added: “We need you to fill out the survey to help make a difference and ensure everyone feels safe, happy and healthy in the workplace. It is equally crucial that employers listen and act on these needs and make the environment an enjoyable place to be.”

Earlier survey, conducted in 2020, had revealed that 89 per cent of the pharmacy workforce were at high risk of burnout, while 34 per cent of respondents had considered leaving the profession.

Success of the previous survey led to the creation of the RPS Inclusion and Wellbeing pledge, which supports health and wellbeing of pharmacists.

The same has been signed over 1,000 times by employers, organisations, pharmacy teams and individual pharmacists.

Danielle Hunt, chief executive of Pharmacist Support said: “The results of this survey help us to develop and shape the charity’s services, with last year’s results informing the development of our new counselling service and new proactive wellbeing resources.

“Previous results from this survey also spurred us on to develop the charity’s first wellbeing focused campaign, ACTNow, which we are about to run again for five weeks from 25th September.”

Through the ‘Workforce Wellbeing’ campaign RPS has enabled access for pharmacists to national health and wellbeing services across Great Britain in line with other healthcare professions.

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