RPS president Sandra Gidley

Following the reports of Amazon filing trademark for pharmacy in the UK, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) today urged the public to continue to support community pharmacies.

Commenting on the news, RPS President Sandra Gidley stressed on the importance of the face-to-face interaction between patients and pharmacists.

“Whilst the public are increasingly buying online, it is vitally important to note that medicines are not normal consumer items. There is real importance and value in the face-to-face interaction between patients and a pharmacist and this must not be lost. Each interaction is an opportunity to make a health intervention and to ensure people have no issues with their medicines and are taking them safely,” she said.

The report on Amazon filing to trademark ‘Amazon Pharmacy’ in three countries including the UK came out earlier this week. It is considered as the company’s initial steps to begin the sale of prescription drugs in these markets.

“Pharmacists see patients when they are well and also spot signs of deteriorating health. I would urge patients and public to continue to support their community pharmacy so that the service is still there when they need it. Community pharmacy does and will continue to play a vital role within our NHS and we will continue to press for better use to be made of the community pharmacy workforce,” Gidley said.

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