The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published a consultation to review the ‘Professional standards for the reporting, learning, sharing, taking action and review of incidents error reporting’ in collaboration with Association of Pharmacy Technicians UK and Pharmacy Forum of Northern Ireland.

The consultation is open from 21 April 2023 until 2 June 2023 and are due to be published in early 2024.

All three professional leadership bodies are calling for contributions from anyone using the standards to ensure they are clear, current, relevant and fit for purpose.

“The review affects all pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, trainees and members of the pharmacy team working in all sectors across the UK,” RPS said.

“The standards may also be of interest to the public, people who use pharmacy and healthcare services, healthcare and professionals working with pharmacy teams.

It describes good practice and good systems of care for reporting errors, learning, sharing, taking action and review as part of a patient safety culture. They support individuals and organisations when dealing with patient safety events, incidents and near misses and act as a driver for improvement in professional practice and patient care.”

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