Royal Pharmaceutical Society
FILE: Exterior of Royal Pharmaceutical Society building in London

The Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) has published a new five-year strategy outlining its ambitions for 2021-2026.

The strategy will enable RPS to be more proactive in maintaining pharmacy at the forefront of healthcare and address opportunities ahead for the profession to achieve its vision which is ‘to become the world leader in the safe and effective use of medicines.’

RPS chief executive Paul Bennett said: “We are committed to championing the profession and working with our members to help shape its future. Our strategy outlines seven goals which provide a solid framework for RPS to prepare and support the profession for a dynamic future in which pharmacy and pharmacists plays a central role wherever medicines are used by patients. It also ensures continued delivery of the high quality services, publications and resources our members expect.”

He added: “The goals are the result of careful analysis of the environment pharmacy operates in, as well as demographic and regulatory considerations. Our focus will now be to collaborate with our members and our extensive network of partners across Great Britain to make the ambitions in this plan a reality and ultimately improve outcomes for patients across the healthcare system.

The RPS has a trusted reputation and a history of developing the profession of pharmacy.

He said: It’s fitting that this forward-looking strategy coincides with the 180th anniversary year of RPS and paves the way for the future of pharmacy.”

The goals outlined by RPS for 2021-2026 include:

  • Shape the future of pharmacy and medicines use
  • Being essential to professional practice that is enabling career development and supporting excellence in everyday work
  • Being at the heart of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science
  • Deliver valued products and services
  • Working in collaboration and partnership that is to support collaborative networks and partnerships to deliver shared goals, extend our reach, voice and community experience
  • Championing a professional environment in which everyone truly feels they can be themselves
  • Enhance organisational effectiveness; RPS will work collaboratively to create a viable, efficient and financially sustainable organisation

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