“We are asking that you ensure your pharmacies support public health by not offering such services and stopping any current provision,” GPhc has said in a letter to the owners of the community pharmacies on Tuesday (July 21) (Photo: REUTERS/Craig Lassig).

The RPS has welcomed the latest development that testing for Covid-19 will be made available to community pharmacy teams in England.

Contractors have been sent details on how their staff can access testing, in an email sent by the NHS Business Services Authority to each community pharmacy in England.

The email contained a link to an invitation template for employees who need testing. Pharmacy contractors or their employees should not publish or share this invitation or the link to the CQC online portal, beyond employees who require testing.

RPS President Sandra Gidley said: “After raising this issue with the government, it’s welcome news that community pharmacy teams in England will be able to access testing for COVID-19. It will be vital to roll out testing for frontline pharmacists and their teams across GB to support retention and help keep them looking after patients.”

The NHS has previously stated that NHS staff and their families in England can access testing. Staff with Covid-19 symptoms who think they are eligible and would like to be tested should speak to their employer.

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