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Four Kent-based men who were convicted of drug peddling and money laundering have been jailed for longer after the solicitor general referred their original sentences to the Court of Appeal.

Earlier, solicitor general Lucy Frazer had referred their original sentences of Luke Coribel, David Adeniji, Kyle Hills and Quang Viet Pham to the Court of Appeal under the ‘unduly lenient sentence’ scheme.

The gang was a part of an operation to supply cocaine and launder the proceeds.

Coribel stored the drugs and money, while Adeniji, Pham and Hills were runners who delivered the drugs and collected the money.

During the course of the operation they delivered around 786 kg of cocaine with a wholesale value of around £27.5m, and were party to an arrangement to launder that money.

The gang used EncroChat devices to disguise their communications and vehicles with concealed compartments to transfer the drugs and money undetected.

Coribel and Adeniji were originally sentenced to eight years and three months’ imprisonment. The Court of Appeal increased both of their sentences to 13 years imprisonment.

Hills was originally sentenced to seven years and six months’ imprisonment; his sentence was increased to 11 years imprisonment.

Pham was originally sentenced to seven years and two months’ imprisonment; his sentence was increased to 12 years imprisonment.

Speaking after the hearing, the Solicitor General said: “Drugs fuel gang violence and destroy lives. Crimes of this nature must be met with the full force of the law. It is only right that the Court has increased their sentences today.”

On February 5, all four offenders were convicted of conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and money laundering at Woolwich Crown Court.

On April 30, the Court of Appeal found their original sentences to be too low.

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