Panadol launched a new purpose-led brand idea as part of a multi-channel campaign across Great Britain and Ireland. With nine out of 10 people suffering “everyday pain” and 65% of people saying they can’t be happy when they are in pain[1], globally, the campaign reiterates the brand’s commitment to holistic pain management by focusing on the acute pain recovery journey.

Rooted in deep consumer understanding, the campaign idea celebrates that never-talked-about moment of realization when you start to feel the release from pain. The new brand idea will bring to life the emotional transformation that those suffering from acute pain undergo, emphasizing the role that Panadol can play in alleviating their pain.

The Panadol campaign follows a period of strong sales growth for the brand, outperforming the category’s own expansion by more than double[2].

This has been driven by shoppers who are searching for fast and effective pain relief products, such as Panadol’s hero variants, including Panadol Extra Advance Tablets (paracetamol, caffeine), which has seen its growth almost doubled[3], as well as Panadol Advance Tablets (paracetamol) and Panadol Extra Advance Tablets.

Monica Michalopoulou, GBI Marketing Director, said: “After two years of pandemic restrictions, now more than ever, people want to get back to their normal lives and to the people they love. But with pain preventing many of us from connecting with those we love or from doing the things we enjoy the most, we want to help consumers by understanding their pain journey and reassuring them on the treatments we can provide. This “Release” moment is so important for pain sufferers, and we hope our new brand campaign can shine a light on the role that Panadol can play in pain relief”.

Panadol is one of the power brands in the Haleon portfolio, previously known as GSK Consumer Healthcare.


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