By Brendan Moffatt

Part of the success of short-line wholesaler Bestway Medhub is down to the benefit of field sales, of course completed by Field Sales Managers. Our Field Sales Managers look after a portfolio of customers – but the customer is not just a number.

Each customer is offered a tailored, personal approach and each Field Sales Manager is committed to their own region, with the added benefit of offering Part IX products from our in-house DAC Wardles.

Their main role is to work with our customers to make their life easier when looking for products or resolving issues. The ability to speak to people one-to-one about a multitude of factors that impact pharmacies today helps to support both our customers and patients.

Ensuring that there is regular contact between the Field Sales Manager and the customer helps to keep them informed of current market conditions such as shortages, new products and market information.

Whilst the world is moving more towards impersonal electronic purchasing and communication our Field Sales Managers offer insights and support that can only come from personal interactions.

On a daily basis, they will deal with a variety of tasks ranging from stock availability, tenders, market information, pricing, credit control, new accounts, invoicing queries and licences and they deal with them adeptly.

They are there to make the customer’s lives easier and hopefully give them something that money can’t buy – that being time. For both customers and Bestway Medhub, our Field Sales Managers are an asset.

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