Trudy Gallagher is head of Bestway Medhub & Wardles

By Trudy Gallagher

Having a successful pharmacy business model is not created overnight. There must be pillars that are the foundation of what you do, and they must be adhered to.

First, our primary function is to serve the local needs of your community. Every pharmacy must continuously review and ensure it is meeting those needs. We can often get too distracted and focus just on the dispensing element of the core contract. However, providing accessible healthcare requires a focus on consistently delivering both national and locally commissioned services.

You must also guarantee that you are claiming correctly. It’s important to have documented process that the team follow to ensure that prescriptions and services are accurately claimed in a timely manner. With the number of price concessions and SSPs issued, keeping on top of this can become a challenge and could impact cash flow.

A daily, weekly and monthly checklist that the team follows will help mitigate that. It is a necessity to build a strong relationship with your suppliers. Which is why Bestway Medhub & Wardles maintain close relationships with all customers so that they have access to the latest information and can make informed decisions to source at the right price.

This is more important now than ever with the current inflationary challenges within the supply chain. Finally, have a winter operational plan. Reviewing and updating your business continuity plan will allow you to have documented effective strategies to overcome any operational challenges – ensure all your staff are trained in this.

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