Superdrug has launched a doctor-led mental health consultation app to support the needy to get mental health support during Covid-19 pandemic.

MindCare from Superdrug Online Doctor is a new app offering people a doctor-led video consultation where they can openly and confidentially discuss their mental health.

The doctor will work towards a diagnosis for a person’s condition and guide them to support that matches their needs.

Resulting from the consultation, the doctor might suggest therapies that will help with a person’s condition such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or other online talking therapies, as well as providing private referrals for further care if needed.

If they think that someone needs to take some time off to help their recovery, they can provide a private sick note for their employer.

Michael Henry, Healthcare Director, at Superdrug said: “82 per cent of people believe there’s still too much stigma attached to mental health problems and I believe that as a trusted high street retailer, we have a responsibility to make mental health care both more widely talked about and to offer services that make it more widely available.

“When you’re feeling overwhelmed or need support with your mental health, it can be challenging to know where to turn or who to talk to. We also know that accessing services isn’t always that easy. It can be difficult getting a doctors appointment or talking about your mental health in a GP surgery. Finding a private therapist can also be a daunting task when you’re not even sure what’s wrong.

“These are some of the reasons why we’re launching a mental health care app.  It aims to create more awareness, especially among people that might not have thought about therapy before and enable them to make informed choices for their own mental healthcare.”

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