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The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has issued a supply alert for Competact 15mg/850mg tablets on Wednesday (March 24).

The SSP may be amended or revoked at any time but it currently expires on May 7.

Introduced with immediate effect, Serious Shortage Protocol (SSP011) authorises that for every Competact 15mg/850mg tablet originally prescribed, one Pioglitazone 15mg tablet and one Metformin 850mg tablet must be supplied.

“All community pharmacy teams will receive an email to their shared NHSmail account informing them of this SSP,” the DH has said.

“The pharmacists must exercise their professional judgement to ensure the alternative products are suitable for the patient.”

For prescriptions (NHS or private) requesting: Supply permitted under SSP011:
Competact 15mg/850mg tablets (56 tablets) 1 x Pioglitazone 15mg tablets (56 tablets)
1 x Metformin 850mg tablets (56 tablets)


Reimbursement is for the medicines supplied in accordance with SSP011 and not the originally prescribed medicine will be reimbursed the Drug Tariff Part VIIIA reimbursement price for Pioglitazone 15mg tablets and for Metformin 850mg tablets.

The reimbursement price will account for VAT payment. Supply in accordance with the SSP will result in the following fees being paid to the contractor…

  • One Single Activity fee (currently £1.27)
  • One SSP fee (£5.35)

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