Olbas, with its extensive heritage of providing winter health essentials for all the family, still prides itself as the UK’s number one decongestant oil brand.

Here to help ease even the smallest of blocked noses, Olbas has a product for everyone, easing the symptoms of congestion and stuffiness often caused by the common cold and flu.

Olbas Oil is a decongestant oil that is made with a combination of natural and essential plant oils including eucalyptus, mint, clove, juniperberry and cajuput to effectively relieve congestion. Olbas Oil is suitable for adults and children aged three months and over. RRP: £4.45/12ml; £7.09/30ml.

Olbas for Children is a gentle and yet effective formula especially for infants over three months, offering day or night relief to the smallest of noses to help ease natural breathing.  RRP: £4.45/12ml.

Olbas Nasal Spray is clinically proven to prevent the spread of infections and unblock the nasal passages for adults and children aged six and over. RRP: £5.99/20ml.

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