A.Vogel Eye Drops can be used to relieve dry, irritated or tired eyes and contain Euphrasia and Hyaluronic acid, the latter being an excellent ingredient for eye drops, mimicking the natural tear film of the eye.

A.Vogel’s hyaluronic acid is made from bacterial processes using a liquid culture medium of non-animal origin, which is GMO-free. It enhances tear film stability, meaning that the eye drop (acting as a tear replacement) will be available for longer, like a normal tear. Euphrasia contributes to the osmolality of the eye drops.

The adequate surface tension of the drops facilitates the way they dispense from the dropper tip and the way the drop spreads out on the eye surface. This adds to the similarity to the action of a real tear. The unique delivery system of these eye drops presents one drop at a time and the bottle is especially sterile to avoid preservatives, ensuring that the drops can be used continuously and intensively.

These drops help maintain lubrication of the eyes and are suitable for use whilst wearing contact lenses and are suitable for those over the age of 12, however parents can administer to children. RRP £9.99 for 10ml.

A.Vogel Extra Moisturising Eye Drops are available for extremely dry, irritated, tired eyes and contain double the amount of hyaluronic acid for an extra soothing and longer-lasting experience. RRP £12.99 for 10ml.

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