'Sudden surge caused us some operational delays'

Well Pharmacy has confirmed that it has temporarily stopped registering more patients to its online prescription service due to a “significant increase in demand.”

Responding to Pharmacy Business Monday (May 4), the multiple said it took the decision to adjust its operation “to cope” with new levels of demand and “clear the backlog” that has very quickly built up.

“This sudden surge caused us some operational delays in our ability to meet this demand within our normal service levels,” said Regulatory and NHS Standards Lead of Well’s Digital Pharmacy, Gill Stone.

Well Pharmacy hopes to return to normal service levels over the coming days, which is when it can begin to register new patients. It has created a waiting list for the digital service, but patients can continue to order their prescriptions in the usual way, Well said.

It has advised patients in isolation “to ask family, friends, neighbours or local volunteers to help them collect their medication in the first instance” as many from the ‘shielded’ group have signed up to Well’s online repeat prescription service for home delivery.

“For patients who are using our online repeat prescription service, we would currently ask that, given the huge demand in the system, they allow extra time when ordering their medication – ideally ordering it at least 14 days in advance,” Stone noted.

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