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The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) on Friday (December 18) has issued a medicine supply notification for Zemtard (diltiazem) 240mg XL capsules.

Zemtard (diltiazem) 240mg XL once daily capsules are out of stock until February, 2021.

Zemtard (diltiazem) 120mg XL capsules are unable to support the uplift in demand.

Adizem and Viazem (diltiazem) XL 240mg once daily capsules will remain available and are the only brands that can support an uplift in demand.

Diltiazem does not have a narrow therapeutic index, however, different versions of modified-release preparations containing more than 60mg diltiazem hydrochloride may not have the same clinical effect.

To avoid confusion between these different formulations of diltiazem, prescribers should specify the brand to be dispensed.

“Considering this, when switching patients between brands of diltiazem, clinicians should follow the advice given above and inform patients of any change in brand they receive and advise them to report any side effects or changes in their symptom control to their GP,” the PSNC has said in its drug supply alert.

Meanwhile, the DH has also issued a medicine supply notification for Docusate sodium 100mg capsules.

Limited supplies of docusate sodium 100mg capsules will remain available until April 2021.

Docusate sodium 50mg/5ml oral solution will also remain available.

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