McKesson UK, parent company of AAH Pharmaceuticals, has implemented a number of initiatives to keep its pledge to ‘support and protect the planet’ and to go carbon neutral by 2030.

In keeping with its sustainability pledge, the company has shared new initiatives that will likely contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions whilst increasing the safety of its drivers.

With a fleet of over 1,800 commercial vehicles and 1,600 drivers, the launch of a new ‘economical driving training’ plan has successfully seen the implementation of three training modules for drivers that cover tips and education on fuel efficiency, route optimization and driver safety.

Ashley Cowen, sales and operations director at AAH said: “Currently, around 60 per cent of carbon emissions come from delivering goods to pharmacies, so one of the first targets is to become more sustainable and to reduce our fuel consumption by at least 3 per cent.”

The economical driving training plan includes fuel efficiency (i.e, it helps drivers improve their fuel consumption whilst on the road daily), route optimisation (new software calculating the safest and most fuel-efficient routes whilst getting drivers on and off the road safely), telematic training (a new telematic system to analyse and review drivers’ behaviour whilst behind the wheel to improve driving skills and safety) and ongoing support.

AAH shared that since the launch, which is in just five weeks, over 80 per cent of internal drivers across the company and LloydsPharnacy have completed the training so far.

Darren Young, head of transport and fleet transformation, said: “The roll-out of our new fuel efficiency training has been a team effort. I’ve been very proud of how different teams across the business came together to launch this programme, making sure we’re doing everything we can to cut our carbon footprint whilst keeping our drivers safe.”

Paul Blackmore, AAH driver from Warrington, shared: “The training helped us realise, how much we can do to support reducing of carbon emissions through the way we drive. Saving fuel, optimising routes and driving safely are all small things that make a big difference.”

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