A new therapeutic option to treat vocal strain and protect against voice loss is now launching in the UK, by Lanes Health. GeloRevoice® Throat Lozenges are clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of vocal strain by 77 per cent within the first five days of therapy. GeloRevoice® will be supported by a high-profile influencer and sampling campaign. Lanes hope to replicate the success seen in other markets, such as Germany, where the brand has carved out a new and highly lucrative category in preventing vocal strain and is the number one throat lozenge.

GeloRevoice® Throat Lozenges retail for £6.49 and come in two distinct flavours – cherry and blackcurrant. They will be available in a convenient tube format containing 20 lozenges which dissolve easily on the tongue.

Each individual lozenge contains gel forming agents of xanthan, carbomer and hyaluronic acid. When these constituents come into contact with saliva, they form a unique Revoice Hydrogel Complex which provides a protective film over the affected mucous membrane, allowing irritated areas to regenerate. By doing this, GeloRevoice® alleviates symptoms such as hoarseness, throat irritation, tickly throat and dry mucous membranes which can gradually lead to voice loss.

Previously, saline solutions have been mistakenly used to treat vocal problems. Whilst these have antibacterial properties, and can therefore be used to treat infections, they provide little benefit to soothing the throat or vocal strain. Instead, pharmacists should be recommending lozenges such as GeloRevoice®, which target the surface of the pharyngeal mucosa.

Unlike other lozenges in the UK market, GeloRevoice® has a unique gel formulation which coats the throat providing quick, noticeable and long-lasting relief of vocal strain and discomfort. In a study conducted in 326 ENT practices, participants found that GeloRevoice® dramatically improved the underlying condition of their throat. 965 patients took part in the clinical study and reported that GeloRevoice® reduced the intensity of all symptoms by 49-59 per cent within the first five days of treatment. Further, almost 60% of patients reported that the Revoice Hydrogel Complex remained on the mucous membrane of their mouth and throat for up to an hour or longer.

Samantha George, Product Manager of GeloRevoice® at Lanes Health comments;

We are delighted to be launching GeloRevoice® here in the UK, providing a new category of therapeutic treatment for voice strain. We have an exciting strategy which we are confident will replicate the success seen in Germany, where the brand is currently the number one throat lozenge beating competitors such as Strepsils, with over 3.7 million units sold in 2018.”

GeloRevoice® RRP £6.49.

GeloRevoice® is available to order through distributor Lanes Health.

More information at laneshealth.com (Tel: 01452 507458).

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