Britain's prime minister Boris Johnson applauds outside 10 Downing Street during the Clap for our Carers campaign in support of the NHS, following the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, London, Thursday (7) (Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay).

Britons joined in a weekly nationwide round of applause on Thursday (7) to pay tribute to care workers and hospital staff for the last time before lockdown measures are slightly eased.

People across the UK have been cheering, banging pots and pans and playing musical instruments every Thursday evening since the applause become an emotional weekly ritual when it first took place on March 26.

There have been similar outpourings of public support in other countries.

Prime minister Boris Johnson is set to address the nation on Sunday (10) to announce a very limited easing of Britain’s coronavirus lockdown, adopting a cautious approach to try to ensure there is no second peak of infections that could further hurt the economy and cost lives.


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