Pharmacy tech start-up Charac has announced the commencement of a trial period to digitise Covid-19 test bookings in two London-based independent community pharmacies.

Barons Pharmacy in Hammersmith and PE Logan Pharmacy in Greenwich are now enabling patients to book an in-clinic test for Covid-19 antibodies for the detection of past infections.

Satvinder Bhamra, CEO of Barons Pharmacy said: “We are excited to start the trialing of the Charac platform for our pharmacy to offer our customers Covid-19 test bookings digitally. The pandemic has amplified the change in consumer behaviour with the need for community pharmacies to evolve.

“The Charac platform offers a holistic solution and will help us to digitise speedily and efficiently, automate processes as well as save time, whilst still maintaining a human touch in our services”.

“As we embark on our digital transformation journey, we need robust technology solutions that would allow us to deliver a frictionless customer experience, and Charac’s platform will do exactly that,” said Darragh Logan, Director, PE Logan Pharmacy.

“We are confident in the Charac solution to deliver a seamless booking experience for patients to secure their Covid-19 tests and help us achieve our mission to become a more digitalised pharmacy.”

Charac has held the view that there are more than 8,000 independent pharmacies across the UK, but they are slowly losing patients to bigger chains and purely digital pharmacies that can provide full digital experiences.

The Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating this trend, the compnay says, and the UK high street could be set to lose hundreds of pharmacies in the coming months, unless independent pharmacies act quickly to provide digital access to their services.

Santosh Sahu, founder and CEO of Charac, said: “We are delighted to begin our trial period with Barons Pharmacy and PE Logan Pharmacy to make them more accessible to their local communities through digital touchpoints.

“With the ongoing pandemic, it’s clear the community pharmacy market has been underserved and Charac is here to change this. As Deliveroo is to restaurants, completely revolutionising the dining industry through digitalisation, Charac aims to do the same with pharmacies.

“We look forward to identifying new ways to partner with Barons Pharmacy and P.E. Logan Pharmacy as we begin our trial period and on-board hundreds more local pharmacies over the upcoming weeks.”

Charac’s SaaS platform enables local community pharmacies – many of whom lack even a basic digital presence – to digitise their current processes and provide omnichannel interaction with patients via phone, video, mobile app and desktop.

Charac aims to empower independent pharmacies to compete with larger competitors, create new sources of revenue and safeguard business in the long-term.

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