VPAS negotiation
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The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation following ‘rocketing prices of antibiotics in the wake of Strep A cases’, Sky News reported on Wednesday (December 14).

On Monday, the Department of Health issued a medicine supply notification for antibiotics for the treatment of Strep A.

“Supplies of antibiotics for the treatment of Group A Strep have seen a surge in demand and may be temporarily in limited supply at certain wholesalers and pharmacies. Supplies are available with manufacturers, and deliveries into wholesalers and pharmacies are being expedited and are expected in the coming days” said DHSC.

Sky quoted a spokesperson for the CMA as saying: “People have got real concerns about the price of antibiotics used to treat Strep A, and we want companies to be clear about their obligations under the law.

“There should be no doubt that it is illegal for a dominant company to charge excessive prices, or for any companies to collude to drive up prices. We are working to establish the facts of what is currently happening in the market and welcome new information as part of our work.

“We stand ready to take action if there is evidence of anti-competitive behavior that breaks the law.”

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