People wearing protective masks walk past a social distancing sign, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease, in Coventry, October 25, 2020. REUTERS/Andrew Couldridge

New Covid-19 cases in England increased by around 51,900 each day last week, up nearly 50 per cent on the week before, an official survey said today (Oct 30), suggesting that the incidence of new infections was still rising steeply and had not levelled off.

The Office for National Statistics Infection Survey estimate was up from an estimated 35,200 new daily cases the week before, when the ONS had said there were signs of a levelling off in new infections.

“The most recent modelled estimate shows the number of infections in England continues to increase steeply,” the ONS said.

It said 568,100 people had Covid-19 infections between 17 and 23 October, up from 433,300 the week before.

That equates to one in 100 people who had Covid-19 based on a modelled estimate of community prevalence, derived from samples of the population.

The ONS looks to estimate infection numbers in the community beyond those who have been tested, giving an estimate of prevalence that is unaffected by testing capacity.

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