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The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has issued a supply alert for Estradot 75 microgram patches following a significant supply disruption.

The Serious Supply Protocol is currently scheduled to end on June 4.

Effective from today (April 29), SSP012 provides that for every Estradot 75 microgram patch originally prescribed, either one Evorel 75 microgram patch or one Estraderm MX 75 microgram patch must be supplied.

Product details

For prescriptions (NHS or private) requesting: Supply permitted under SSP012:
Estradot® 75 microgram patches Evorel® 75 microgram patches
Estraderm MX® 75 microgram patches

“Contractors will receive an email to their shared NHSmail account informing them of this SSP and pharmacy teams are advised to read the documentation for SSP012 in full and to implement the protocol with immediate effect,” the Pharmaseutical Services Negotiating Committee (PSNC) said in an update to community pharmacists.

Guidelines for community pharmacists

  • ensure that patients considered unsuitable for inclusion are promptly referred to their prescriber for further advice
  • the supervising pharmacist should ensure that the patient’s prescriber is notified when supplying a patient in accordance with this SSP
  • the supervising pharmacist should explain to patients who are supplied in accordance with this SSP on monitoring and managing potential side effects, such as:
    • Vaginal ‘breakthrough bleeding’;
    • Irritation caused by wearing a different patch to one they are used to;
    • Patches coming off or not adhering properly.
  • patients who experience persistent side effects from alternative patches supplied in accordance with this SSP should be referred back to their prescriber promptly

The community pharmacy contractors will be reimbursed the Drug Tariff Part VIIIA reimbursement price for Evorel 75 microgram patches or Estraderm MX 75 microgram patches. The reimbursement price will account for VAT payment. Supply in accordance with the SSP will result in the following fees being paid to the contractor:

  • One Single Activity fee (currently £1.27)
  • One SSP fee (£5.35)

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