Essential Pharma
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Essential Pharma, an international speciality pharma group, has procured an establishment and manufacturing licences in Switzerland and Malta.

Following a successful inspection by Swissmedic, the company has been granted an establishment licence in Switzerland, which will allow the company to significantly enhance its supply chain efficiency for a wide range of important medicinal products. It will apply to transactions for both finished and unfinished pharmaceuticals, allowing importing, exporting, wholesaling and trading abroad.

Essential Pharma has also received a manufacturing and importation authorisation (MIA) in Malta, following a successful Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) inspection by the Malta Medicines Authority.

The MIA will allow the company to import medicinal products into the European Union where manufacturing has taken place in a third country. This will allow greater flexibility in how the business manages the flow of medicines across its territories.

These approvals strengthen the company’s geographical expansion, improve its operational efficiencies, and enhance its offering as a global business partner. They will also provide new strategic opportunities for the company and will play a fundamental role in driving value creation through functional improvements to scale and productivity.

“These two most recent licence approvals for Essential Pharma will allow us to support a broader range of essential medicines and improve our supply for patients across international markets,” comments Steen Vansgaard, CEO of Essential Pharma.

“The successful advancement of our operating infrastructure, following our acquisition by Gyrus, is a key step designed to support the company’s ambitious organic and inorganic growth plans as we seek new opportunities to diversify our portfolio and build our competitive market presence. We believe that this rapid progress in extending and strengthening our operating platform will enhance our appeal as a trusted partner to multiple pharma companies of all sizes looking to streamline their portfolios.”

In 2020, the company had made a commitment to supply ‘Priadel’ at an affordable price for five years to NHS after Competition and Markets Authority investigations into pricing and supply of a key bipolar drug.

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