People in Scotland have now access to rapid Covid-19 testing, even if they have no symptoms.

With effective from Monday (April 26), free lateral flow home test kits are available for pick up without an appointment from many local walk-in or drive-through test sites from 03.30PM each day, or by ordering online or by phone, for people to test themselves twice-weekly, the Scottish government said.

The expansion is aimed at finding cases that would otherwise go undetected, so anyone testing positive can self-isolate and avoid transmitting the virus to those around them.

“Rapid lateral flow testing is already helping us to find cases that might otherwise have been missed, as around one in three people with Covid-19 do not show symptoms. That’s why it’s vital people can access testing, even if they don’t feel unwell. It will help protect the people around you, and help us avoid another return to lockdown,” Dr Gregor Smith, Chief Medical Officer for Scotland, said.

Anyone without Covid-19 symptoms who does not already have access to asymptomatic testing in their workplace or community can now test themselves. This includes anyone planning travel to a Scottish island.

Each pack contains seven rapid lateral flow device tests that can provide results in around 30 minutes. A positive result means people should self-isolate within their household and order a PCR test to confirm the positive result.

Support for people who need to self-isolate is available, including a £500 self-isolation support grant for low income workers.

Anyone who receives a negative result should continue to follow the restrictions and guidance currently in place, as a negative result is not a guarantee that someone does not have Covid-19.

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