Bharti Patel
Bharati Patel

Alitam Group, the 100-plus pharmacy store consolidation, has appointed Bharti Patel, the former group executive director of Avicenna to its executive board.

Patel, who was part of the leadership team at Avicenna until late 2021, brings with her a wealth of experience covering pharmaceuticals, multiple retail and independent pharmacy, homecare and NHS primary and secondary care.

In her early career, she worked at Lloyds Pharmacy, where she rose from a prescription medicines buyer to director of procurement over a period of eight years.

She is known in the industry for her strong leadership, commercial acumen and ability to create opportunities for innovation and strategic partnerships.

Alitam founder and CEO Feisal Nahaboo said in a statement that Patel’s appointment will further strengthen the group’s ability to deliver its transformative multi-billion-pound ‘Pharmacy of the Future’ concept.

This will create a chain of powerful ‘Super Pharmacies’ across the UK and Ireland within the next decade, offering more GP-type services to help reduce the overburdened NHS.

Nahaboo added: “Some of the UK and Ireland’s top brains are flocking towards Alitam at the moment. Bharti is one such big-hitter, and Alitam offers an opportunity for her to fully realize her incredible talents.”

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