GPhC training
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The General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) today decided to convene a new group, involving all the key stakeholders, focused on assurance of practice post-registration.

The decision in today’s (9 December) council meeting follows the recommendation of a working group chaired by council member and pharmacist Aamer Safdar on the role of the regulator in post-registration education and training.

The new group will be tasked with articulating a set of guiding principles where patient safety is the overarching priority, after carrying out a horizon scanning exercise to pull together an understanding of the system wide approach currently in place.

The working group noted that the wider approach, in relation to regulation of post-registration practice and not simply education and training, may require the GPhC reviewing and developing its own control measures, and involving patients and the public in the next stages of work.

Reviewing the work on online pharmacy services, the council meeting supported the regulator’s plans to continue to require pharmacy websites to be arranged so that a person cannot choose a prescription only medicine and its quantity before there has been an appropriate consultation with a prescriber.

A new strategy for communications and engagement for the next five years has also been approved at the meeting.

The strategy, among other measures, proposes to set up sounding boards of pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, pharmacy owners, students and trainees, to facilitate direct two-way conversations about key issues that may affect patient safety or public protection and launch a new corporate website to make sure people have a good experience of engaging with the regulator online.

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