How to Overcome Severe Tiredness

Do you feel constantly tired? Are you having trouble focusing? You shouldn’t ignore those problems. Continuous lack of energy can seriously influence your life in terms of health, work performance and personal relationships

Fatigue results in dizziness, muscle weakness, moodiness, loss of appetite and blurry vision. If you experience any of those symptoms, it might be a time to see your doctor.

Do you want to find a way to bear with this chronic illness? Stay with us!

Know Your Body

Severe tiredness is an inherent part of people struggling with certain diseases. As we can be unaware of having any, constant fatigue might be a wake-up call to see a specialist. Here are some of the most common diseases that are usually accompanied by fatigue:

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

It’s a rare genetic disorder which affects the condition of the connective tissue. With that disease complications such as chronic pain, joint dislocation, scoliosis, aortic dissection may occur.

Constant ache compels the people with this syndrome to take pain relievers which may help but also put a strain on their systems. Lack of comfort caused by EDM directly affects the sleeping patterns.

To fight the influence of this disease, you need to take care of every aspect individually. As the most prominent problem might be the constant ache, complex regional pain syndrome treatment should help.


When your blood lacks red cells, you may have anaemia. One of the most common symptoms of this disease are tiredness, dizziness, pale skin, cold hands and feet and fast heartbeat.

In some cases, anaemia can be prevented with a well-balanced diet or the right supplements and medicines that can support the functioning of your body.


This disease occurs because of pancreas dysfunction in insulin production.

Every person with diabetes can experience constant fatigue if their disease is not managed well. High blood sugars damage the organs by acidifying, which puts our bodies to ongoing and stress.

Good blood sugar levels are a necessity when it comes to this disease. The only way possible to achieve this is by exercising, eating healthy and controlling the insulin intake.

Modern solutions give a diabetic a variety of tool choices to start controlling the disease. For instance, continuous glucose monitors can inform you when your blood sugar is too low or too high. Letting some wonders of technology into your life can help you stay healthy and simplify your everyday life.

Anxiety Disorders

Intense worry and fear expressed in sudden, everyday episodes of anxiety can hugely impact the levels of energy. People affected by this disease usually take medications to soften or prevent the attacks. Drugs prescribed by the specialists can directly contribute to severe tiredness.

As if in most of the cases, there are some factors which may positively influence the general comfort of life. Regular physical activities in any form or well-balanced diet are two factors willing to improve your way of living.

Chronic Kidney Disease

The gradual loss of kidney functions can lead to large amounts of toxins in the body. Blood impurities directly cause trouble focusing or the constant feeling of tiredness.

This disease is commonly medicated with dialysis. The treatment, along with symptoms typical for chronic kidney disease, can cause fatigue.

In order to gain more energy, it’s crucial to choose more kidney-friendly foods. Including meals rich in healthy carbohydrate might be a reasonable choice to gain more energy during the day.

Remember, to avoid avocados and bananas as they are really rich in potassium which may interfere with medications.

Follow The Basics

Analyze your lifestyle. Do you exercise? Sleep at least 7 hours a day? If you don’t, maybe it’s time to make some changes finally!

Having a routine is extremely important for your body. Take your time and slowly make some changes.

Ditch Bad Habits

We are all aware of the detrimental effects of drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. But we never perceive them as one of their reasons for severe tiredness.

Nicotine addiction and excessive alcohol consumption put your system in survival mode. By trying to get rid of the toxins, your body uses more energy than usual which can cause fatigue.

Quitting smoking is hard. But with a little help of right supplementation, and support from your closest friends and family, everything is viable.


Changes implemented to your lifestyle can improve your well-being in terms of quality.

It is crucial to mention that if you experience persistent fatigue, seeing your doctor is a necessity.

Remember to give yourself some time. Don’t push yourself to the limits of your potential.

Take small steps toward building your own comfort.


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