NHS England had previously published the final version of the CPCS service specifications. Photo: iStock

Contractors providing the advanced Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) will need to procure their own IT support October 1.

Funding for the IT systems which was extended for an extra six months runs out on September 30.

Sonar Informatics and PharmOutcomes are the two pharmacy IT systems currently in place which have the capability to receive necessary CPCS referral messages, support the creation of clinical records and submit claims to the NHSBSA.

Additionally, there are two more system suppliers working to develop “functionality to support the service” in the coming months — Positive Solutions (providers of the Analyst PMR system and Cegedim (providers of the Pharmacy Manager PMR system), informed the PSNC.
The Pharmaceutical Services Negotiating Committee advises contractors that they install software systems meeting the CPCS IT standards set by the NHS.
These standards will be reflected in the CPCS Technical Toolkit (which NHSE&I plans to publish shortly), said the PSNC.

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