Lubricant brand KY Jelly has been rebranded as ‘Kynect’, the brand’s manufacturer said on Tuesday (Dec 8).

The new Kynect packaging will start to hit shelves from this week, carrying the message ‘KY Jelly soon to be Kynect’.

The Cheshire-based brand agency Brandon was enlisted for the creative overhaul in developing a new identity for the Thornton & Ross brand which was founded in 1904 and is often used as a generic term for lubricants.

In terms of brand value, it has almost 14 per cent share in the UK lubricant market.

“By rebranding to Kynect, we will create a new and distinct brand positioning. Our marketing investment will focus on Kynection, the positive feel good effect from both the physical and emotional sides of relationships, reinforcing our position with loyal customers as well as attracting and engaging a new audience,” Roger Scarlett-Smith, executive vice-president UK at Thornton & Ross, said.

Kynect is available in 50ml and 75ml packs in all major supermarkets, chemists, and independent retailers.

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