Original Pack Dispensing

The Department of Health and Social Care (DH) has extended the medicine supply notification issued for Nalcrom (sodium cromoglicate) 100mg capsules.

Nalcrom 100mg capsules will remain out of stock until early January 2021. Earlier, the product was expected to return to the pharmacy shelves in November.

Unlicensed imports of sodium cromoglicate 100mg capsules have been sourced, while the following specialist importers have confirmed that they can source unlicensed sodium cromoglicate 100mg capsules.

  • Alium Medical
  • Mawdsleys Unlicensed
  • Target Healthcare

When prescribing a product that is not licensed in the UK, prescribers should indicate on the FP10 prescription that an unlicensed product is required. This can be done by annotating the prescription with the wording “special order”.

There is currently no listing on dm+d for the imported product for prescribers to select using their prescribing systems. If a prescriber wishes to prescribe an unlicensed import, a paper prescription should be issued as ‘Sodium Cromoglicate 100mg capsules (Special Order)‘ and endorsed by the pharmacy as a non-Part VIIIB.

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