Antony Jinman, British polar adventurer

To support environmental cause, natural health pioneer BetterYou has pledged its allegiance to Antarctic Quest 21 – an expedition to undertake essential exploration activities.

Under the expedition, a team of eight military and ex-military men and women will travel the untrodden regions of the Antarctic Peninsula on the 100th Anniversary of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s last Antarctic expedition.

The team will gather data for research of climate change, meteorology, geology and glaciology to enable study on recent and future environmental changes.

BetterYou will support the team with specialist equipment and smart nutritional support.

The firm has partnered with performance nutritionist, Emily Whitehead, to provide nutritional guidance and support overall wellbeing of the team pre, during and post the expedition.

It has also developed a personalised supplementation programme for each team member to ensure the best nutritional support throughout the expedition.

Expedition team leader Paul Hart (Lt Cdr RNR) said: “Operating in hostile physical environments places a huge demand not just on the body, but also the mind, so optimal diet and nutrition is key to having the mental and physical resilience to not only survive, but also operate at peak performance.”

He noted that “countless expeditions to the Polar Regions have been impacted by failures to have adequate vitamin, mineral and micro-nutrient intakes.”

Expressing delight over the association, Andrew Thomas, founder and CEO of BetterYou, said: “It’s an honour to play a small part in this historic expedition that is destined to leave a legacy in scientific research and education, with endless benefit to the environment we live in.”

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