Naina Chotai

Hailing the invaluable service of community pharmacists across the country, the NAWP has welcomed launch of ‘Ask for ANI’ scheme at LloydsPharmacy.

“The National Association of Women Pharmacists (NAWP) is delighted to hear the news that LloydsPharmacy is taking part in the ANI initiative. Pharmacy teams already provide an invaluable service to patients and pharmacies are seen as safe professional environments within communities,” the association said, welcoming the pharmacy chain’s latest move.

Naina Chotai, president of NAWP, said: “Back in January, NAWP urged pharmacy employers to sign up to the scheme and to ensure that their staff are fully briefed and trained. It is fantastic news that LloydsPharmacy has taken positive steps and supported the scheme. This news comes just a month after LloydsPharmacy and the PDA Union reached a recognition agreement for pharmacists, so this bodes well for our working relationship in the future.”

With the launch of new service, any customer or patient can visit any LloydsPharmacy store and ask staff for ANI. They will then be given a private space to talk where staff can try to understand if they need to speak to the police or would like help to access support services such as a national or local domestic abuse helpline.

“NAWP understands that LloydsPharmacy has a strong safeguarding policy and procedures in place, which means that they are in an ideal position to recognise and support victims of domestic abuse,” the NAWP said.

All staff at LloydsPharmacy have been briefed on ‘Ask for ANI’ and have also attended training as part of their Safer Care work. All participating pharmacies will display a window sticker within the next couple of weeks.

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