Fitness to Practise Committee
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The Health and Social Care Committee (HSCC) has announced the appointment of six specialists to scrutinize the government’s progress made on its commitments to pharmacy services in England on Wednesday (26 April).

“They will work alongside the core members of the Expert Panel to produce a report evaluating Government progress across nine of the Government’s own commitments across the four areas. A CQC-style rating from “inadequate” to “outstanding” will be awarded against each specific pledge with a final overall rating given,” said DHSC.

Professor Dame Jane Dacre, Chair of the Expert Panel, said: “The role of pharmacy in delivering care whether in hospital, the community or primary care has never been more important.

“The Government has made a number of commitments aimed at improving pharmacy services and we’ll be looking at the progress to achieve these targets.

“In the process of our evaluation we’ll be hearing from stakeholders from across the industry, including the pharmacy workforce and NHS and independent providers of pharmacy services. We’ll be considering pledges covering frontline services as well as the education and training of the workforce.”

National Pharmacy Association (NPA) chief executive, Mark Lyonette, is one of six panel members with specialist expertise in pharmacy. They will work alongside five standing members who are all renowned healthcare policy experts and professionals. Professor Dame Jane Dacre will chair.

He commented: “I am delighted to be invited to join the panel. Pharmacy and Community pharmacy in particular stepped up and demonstrated its vital role for millions of patients throughout the pandemic.”

“I hope to help the HSCC evaluate to what extent UK Government is delivering on making the best use of the third largest healthcare profession.”

The panel will evaluate nine Government commitments across five areas- Community pharmacy; Integrated care (including patient safety); Hospital pharmacy; Education, training and the pharmacy workforce and Extended services

A spokesperson for the NPA said: “This is all about holding the government to account on its commitments. Mark’s appointment to the panel means that there will be expert insight into the commitments relating to community pharmacy.”

The panel will invite written submissions from the public and stakeholders to inform their evaluation.

The core members of the Expert Panel are Professor Anita Charlesworth; Sir Robert Francis QC; Professor Stephen Peckham; Professor Emma Cave; Sir David Pearson.


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