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Booking a jab to become ‘as easy as booking a cab’ with NHS App


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NHS staff will offer blood pressure tests and other health checks and advice, alongside routine vaccinations

The NHS England has developed and published a new vaccination strategy with an aim to increase national uptake of lifesaving vaccinations, and protect people against a range of diseases.

Getting vaccinations will become easier than ever before, as the NHS App is being expanded with more additional features.

Improved booking features such as new in-App bookings, invitation alerts and appointment notifications will make “booking a jab as easy as booking a cab,” NHS leaders said.

The NHS App overhaul will also include improved access to medical records, meaning users will be able to see their routine vaccination status over the coming months and years, making it easier for them to identify any missed vaccinations in their history.

More than 33 million people are already signed up to the NHS App, and currently users can only view their COVID and flu vaccination status.

Alongside routine vaccinations, NHS staff will offer blood pressure tests and other health checks and advice, which means vaccinations will become part of a ‘one-stop shop.’

The NHS vaccination strategy also includes expansion of community outreach, including setting up of vaccine services in convenient local places such as community centres, sport facilities and places of worship.

Health Minister Maria Caulfield commented: “To ensure as many people get vaccinated as possible, we need to make sure the programme fits around people’s lives.

“The Vaccine Strategy will build on the brilliant work already underway to make it easier than ever to get vaccinated and to reach people who would not typically come forward for their jabs. Whether it’s booking via the app or stopping in while at parents evening with your children – we are unveiling new, innovative ways of getting these lifesaving jabs and easing pressure on the NHS.

“Get on the NHS App and see just how easy it is to get your jab,” she added.

NHS Chief Executive Amanda Pritchard informed that users of their app will be able to access their full vaccine status in a matter of seconds and book jabs with a simple swipe and tap.

“And we’ll continue to expand the amazing work of NHS staff, volunteers and partners to introduce even more pop-up sites in the heart of our local communities. So, when you are invited for any of your vaccinations, please do book without delay – it could be lifesaving,” she said.

Steve Russell, National Director for Vaccinations and Screening for NHS England, highlighted that vaccination is one of the best ways to boost public health, second only to clean water.

He said: “We want to see even more people supported to take up the offer of lifesaving vaccinations – it’s the best way to protect you and those around you from illnesses which can be fatal, so please do come forward if invited, and if you’re unsure or have questions, the NHS is here to help.”

NHS England noted that this strategy is for people and organisations involved in the commissioning, planning and delivery of NHS vaccination services in England.


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