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Community pharmacists lead Pharmacy First digital launch


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New pharmacy first platform, My Local Surgery, to connect patients with clinical services provided by community pharmacists 

Community pharmacists in England have launched a new digital platform called My Local Surgery, enabling patients to access Pharmacy First consultations online.

This initiative, a part of the NHS Pharmacy First scheme, facilitates free video consultations for six common conditions, connecting patients with community pharmacists for clinical advice and treatment.

The platform, spearheaded by a team of pharmacy, tech, and clinical services experts, including experienced community pharmacists Darren Lingaloo and Gulraj Dhillon, tech specialist Nav Ramiah, and Dr. Adam Kirk, a seasoned NHS and digital healthcare professional, seeks to meet the rising demand for clinical services.

Darren Lingaloo, co-founder and chief pharmacist at My Local Surgery, said: “The evolving role of pharmacists is long overdue and has the potential to save millions of GP appointments every year.

“Many pharmacies are now investing in their consulting facilities and staff to deliver more clinical services to patients in their community and support the NHS Pharmacy First initiative.”

“Those with additional clinical capacity will also now be able to provide online consultations to patients across England through My Local Surgery”, he continued.

Set to revolutionize digital healthcare, My Local Surgery’s rollout is led by pharmacists from The Village Pharmacy in Stubbington and Kent.

It has seen significant demand, indicating a need for scalable solutions as the digital health delivery is harnessed by clinical expertise of the pharmacists.

Registered pharmacists can access My Local Surgery to allocate appointment slots, conduct consultations securely, and dispense medications via a 24-hour postal service, streamlining the process for patients and pharmacists alike.

Dr. Adam Kirk, chief medical advisor at My Local Surgery, highlighted the platform’s dual benefit of providing swift treatment for patients while empowering community pharmacists to leverage their clinical skills in meeting the evolving demands of online healthcare consultations.

Looking ahead, My Local Surgery intends to expand its services beyond NHS Pharmacy First, partnering with nurse prescribers and pharmacists to offer private consultations, enhancing access to healthcare for all.

The launch of My Local Surgery represents a significant step forward in digital healthcare, bridging the gap between patients and community pharmacists while delivering efficient and accessible clinical services.


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