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DHSC issues medicine supply notification on four medicines


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The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) has issued a medicine supply notification for Sulfasalazine 250mg in 5ml oral suspension sugar free; Pilocarpine hydrochloride 4% eye drops; Fluticasone 50microgram / Salmeterol 25microgam (Combisal) pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI); and Dalteparin (Fragmin) 10,000units/1mL solution for injection ampoule on Wednesday (21 December).

Sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension sugar free is out of stock from w/c 19th December until early June 2023. Sulfasalazine 500mg non-enteric coated tablets remain available

“IPS Pharma, Nova Labs, and Rokshaw have currently confirmed they can manufacturer sulfasalazine 250mg/5ml oral suspension,” said DHSC.

Pilocarpine 4% eye drops are out of stock until w/c 26th December 2022. Alternative strengths of pilocarpine (1% and 2%) eye drops remain available and will be able to support increased demand. Specials of pilocarpine 4% preservative free eye drops are available if the licensed alternatives are not suitable. For off-label use of the 4% drops in the treatment of xerostomia (dry mouth) in palliative care, pilocarpine 5mg tablets are available and are licensed for this indication.

Mandeville Medicines have confirmed they can currently manufacturer pilocarpine 4% preservative free eye drops.

Fluticasone 50microgram / salmeterol 25microgram (Combisal) pressurised metered dose inhaler (pMDI) is out of stock until early January 2023. Alternate brands of fluticasone 50microgram with salmeterol 25microgram inhalers (pMDI) remain available and can support a full uplift in demand.

Dalteparin (Fragmin) 10,000units/1mL solution for injection ampoule has been discontinued. Based on forecasted UK demand, stock will be exhausted by May 2023. Alternative strengths and formulations of dalteparin and other low molecular weight heparins remain available and will be able to support increased demand.


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